Episode 11 – Jason and Rusty (Bonfire)

Contemplative. Honest. REAL. Simplified. The perspective of these guys – to be able to look at their entrepreneurial position as a place of opportunity to move forward – and not a place of make it or die, makes them absolutely unique. They ARE willing to work crazy hours, make hard sacrifices, say “no” to other opportunities … More Episode 11 – Jason and Rusty (Bonfire)

Episode 10 – Vincent Rodriguez (Velo+/Maps Coffee)

“We answer the questions that the customer didn’t know they needed to ask.” This is Vincent Rodriguez, the owner of the “come as you are” bike and coffee shop. As you’ll discover in this episode, it feels so good to be with Vincent. He is welcoming, encouraging, passionate, but most importantly, he believes in his customers. He is the definition of someone who you want to be around. … More Episode 10 – Vincent Rodriguez (Velo+/Maps Coffee)

Episode 7 – Erik Wullschleger (LiveKC)

Throughout this process of recording podcasts, I’ve come across some people who legitimately “get it” – what it takes to keep moving forward. But after interviewing Erik Wullschleger, I’ve realized that “getting it” isn’t all that matters. What matters is how you decide to impact those around you while you are moving forward. And as … More Episode 7 – Erik Wullschleger (LiveKC)